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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which airlines do you use on your "specials"?
A: Major domestic and international airlines such as Lufthansa, United, British Airways, Northwest/KLM, Alitalia, Delta, Continental etc.

Q: How can your rates be so low?
A: We have special "deals" with airlines and hotels in Europe, as well as with some European cruise lines. Those deals are mainly in the off season -from November through March and great savings are passed on to our clients. These deals are time sensitive, have certain restrictions and "black out" periods and cannot be customized.

Q: Are these packages available during holiday seasons- Christmas, New Year, Easter?
Usually not - these are high season dates for airlines and hotels and their rates as well as space are at premium. During holidays hotel rates can be as much as 3 times higher, and many hotels have obligatory Gala Diners that are very expensive.

Q: Can we break our hotel stay in 2 parts?
No - all hotel deals are based on 3 or 4 consecutive nights stay only. Shorter stays are priced much higher on per night basis.

Q: Are there children discounts?
Generally not on hotel packages and special airfares that we use. Occasionally cruise lines do offer some specials for children traveling with 2 adults.

Q: Are there Senior Citizens' discounts?

Q: Why are Airport Taxes and fees not included in tour cost?
Airport taxes and fees are not controlled by us or the airlines - we are only collecting them on behalf of US and foreign governments and airport authorities. They are subject to change and are very complex. Depending on the routing those fees can be anything between $75 and $200. US fees include: US Transportation tax , Customs User fee, Federal Inspection fee, APHIS Security Fee , Security fees, September 11 Security fee, Passenger Facility Charges, Segment tax. Those fees combined are anywhere between $60 and $80. In addition foreign fees and taxes Can be anything from $20 to over $100.

Q: Are you hotel descriptions accurate and will be guaranteed to stay at hotel we booked?
Yes, hotel descriptions are accurate and available on our web site. In addition there is almost always direct link to hotel website as well. Due to operational reasons we may sometimes substitute your originally booked hotel with hotel of same category and in same general location.

Q: When is the payment due?
Payment is due at the time of confirmation and not later than 48 hours within that time. Bookings are in almost all instances confirmed at the time of your call. At that time we will e-mail to you the cost break down, copy of airline reservation (PNR) and credit card authorization form. We hold the reservations for maximum 48 hours. After that time space is being released and you will need to book again.

Q: What is an upsell?
All our packages are based on lowest available class of service, capacity of which is limited on every flight. When that class is no longer available we will offer you the next best available fare - that is an upsell. Depending on the airline and destination the additional airfare can be anywhere between $50 and $300.

Q: Are your "specials" refundable?
No, once paid they are non refundable and non changeable. You can protect yourself by purchasing Trip Insurance (starting from $72). Insurance also includes medical costs abroad.

Q:When will we get our documents?
You will get your documents within 2-4 weeks of your departure date, as is standard in Travel Industry.

Q: Why are your phones so busy?
Our tours are so popular that many people are calling at the same time, especially after our promotions on Travelzoo. Our phone system is very sophisticated, but there is no such system that can handle such high volume we are experiencing at times. You may visit our website www.picassotours.com and you will be able to find out answers to many of your questions As well as many details on all of our tours. There is also an online booking form which you may fill in and e-mail to us. We will process the form and one of our Travel Counselors will call you back with the results.



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